Transport Stream Splicing

TS Splicer

The TS Splicer is a software based product that splices multiple Transport Streams – frame accurately. It combines the capabilities of decoding SCTE 35 opt-out signalling, media storage and splicing, to offer a complete media insertion system. The TS Splicer is available as a standalone product or can be combined with Starfish playlist and media management products to build a complete automated Ad insertion or media replacement system.

It has applications in traditional broadcast, IPTV, satellite and cable TV systems.

International Patents granted

Key Features

  • Integrated Ad server
  • Input stream switching
  • Inputs support SMPTE 2022-7, providing seamless input protection of redundant source signals
  • Frame accurate or GOP boundary splicing modes
  • Minimal propagation delay
  • Preserves the quality of video input signals by sophisticated signal processing
  • Supports MPEG 2, H264 and HEVC/H265 encoded media
  • Audio splicing of AAC, AC-3 and MPEG-1 Layer II streams
  • Graphics include logo, animated logo and text crawls
  • Integrated decoding of SCTE 35 Cue triggers
  • Can splice the entire Transport Stream, or just a selection of elementary streams
  • Hypothetical Reference Decoder (HRD) signals are maintained
  • The Ad server supports a wide range of playlist formats
  • IP or ASI inputs and outputs – SPTS or MPTS.
    ASI is supported via an additional hardware card installed in the server.
  • Input can utilise source-specific-multicast signals from routed networks implementing IGMPv3
  • Operates in full failover redundancy configuration
  • User friendly GUI for system set-up and configuration
  • Full REST API

Download TS Splicer Information Sheet

Download TS Splicer Information Sheet


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