Transport Stream primer

We have produced a technical primer covering the basic structure of Transport Streams as used in media applications. If you would like a free copy please email

Transport Stream Processing


TS Signal Processor

The TS Signal Processor is a software solution to modifying control signals in an encoded media stream.

Typical applications include adding SCTE35 ad break commands, modifying existing ad break commands, adding anti skip control signals and parental control content markers. The timing of when these new signals are inserted into the media stream can be controlled via traditional broadcast automation systems, the Starfish API or a customised control protocol to integrate with an existing workflow control system.


Download TS Signal Processor Information Sheet

TS Switch

The TS Switch provides switching of encoded media streams, including video encoding, based on input signal fail detection, or controlled via external automation commands. Manual override is also available via a web based monitoring and control GUI.

It is a software based solution running on generic enterprise hardware. Multiple switches can be implemented in the same server, thereby saving significant rack space.

Inputs can be the same signal from alternative sources (used for redundancy switching) or entirely different signals in applications that require an input source selection. In both applications, TS Switch provides sophisticated switching by adjustment of PCR and PTS/DTS so that downstream decoders do not detect discontinuities.


Download TS Switch Information Sheet

TS Logo Inserter

TS Logo Inserter is a Windows service that overlays a pre-recorded logo, or Early Warning Signal text, onto an encoded media transport stream. The process involves decoding the input stream, adding the logo/EWS text and then re-encoding the processed stream. When an overlay isn’t active, the input signal is passed without decoding. The application is self-contained and requires no additional broadcast infrastructure. It runs on generic Windows server hardware that can support multiple independent channels.


Download TS Logo Inserter Information Sheet

TS Slate Player

TS Slate Player is a Windows service that produces a TV channel information slate, without the need for any additional broadcast infrastructure.

The output is encoded in any standard broadcast format and bit rate. It has applications for TV channel warnings such as channel number has changed, or continuously looping information clips.

It is a software based solution running on generic enterprise hardware. Multiple channels can be implemented in the same server, thereby saving significant rack space.


Download TS Slate Player

TS Toolkit

The TS Toolkit is a software product that combines the functionality of Transport Stream recording, playback of pre-recorded files, and analysis of file contents.

It has applications in live systems and test facilities.

The monitoring application provides a full breakdown of all PIDs in the stream being monitored including type, number and the current timestamp. PCR discontinuities are detected and Continuity Count errors are flagged.

DVB subtitles and teletext can be decoded and displayed in the user interface video window.


Download TS Toolkit Information Sheet