Product support questions should be logged on our support portal at:  Login – Starfish Helpdesk

All of our Windows based products include a user guide in a PDF format. It can be located in the Windows file structure at Program Files/Starfish Technologies Ltd/ (product family) i.e. Advantage/ Advantage v8-Workstation.pdf.

All of our products are sold with an initial 3 month warranty.  After this period customers are offered an annual support contract.

Operational Support Contract

This will allow customers priority support for any problems identified with their Starfish Technologies™ products via our support portal at:

Login – Starfish Helpdesk and also entitles our customers to free minor version upgrades to the Starfish Technologies™ products they own. Minor version upgrades will typically contain bug fixes and minor feature additions and improvements.

A support contract is available for a fixed cost of 10% of the products current list price.


For details on extended hours telephone support and other options, including software escrow, please contact