File QC

We offer a number of applications to make file delivery of closed caption and subtitle files as quick and simple as possible.

Subtitle File QC Service

Our Subtitle QC application runs as an automated service that will detect typical file errors (such as overlapping timecodes or illegal durations) without any human intervention. The service will either Pass or Fail a file based on user specified parameters and produce a failure report detailing the detected problems.

An option is available to auto-correct typical file problems.

Key Features

  • Runs as an automated service
  • Comprehensive reports with option of automated e-mail delivery
  • Displays the full EBU Header block information
  • Displays selected caption text and a rendered preview with correct justification
  • Display option to show raw Hex Teletext data
  • Option to view the control characters on the rendered view
  • Supports multiple QC folder sets and multiple file formats
  • Operates on EBU .stl or .pac closed caption files or .srt open subtitle files

Comprehensive QC includes:

  • Extensive checks on the validity of header block information
  • Check that Max displayable characters per row is valid
  • Check that caption In Time ≥ overall In Time

Check that caption Out Time ≤ overall Out Time

  • Check that next caption In Time ≥ current caption time (overlapping caption)
  • Check that next caption overall In Time ≥ current overall out time

Programmable ‘House Style’ checks

  • Caption duration ≥ Minimum duration
  • Caption duration ≤ Maximum duration

Subtitle Compare Service

Runs as a service application and compares a number of subtitle files to verify similarity’s and the probability that they all relate to the same programme. This application is extremely useful to anyone involved with the preparation or broadcast of multiple language subtitling.

Key Features

  • Runs as an automated service
  • Comprehensive reports with the option of automated e-mail delivery
  • Displays visual comparison graphic
  • Performs a series of checks to achieve a concordance result
  • Operates on EBU .stl and .pac closed caption files or .srt open subtitle files

Comparison Process sequence:

  • Are all the files the same format
  • Are the total durations of all the files within the expected range
  • Are there a similar number of subtitles within each 10-minute program section
  • Do all subtitles start within a specified time tolerance