‘Verify’ Compliance Recording Systems

The Starfish Verify Compliance Recording System is a highly configurable software application that runs on generic Windows Server platforms.

The input to a Verify system is an encoded media stream. The system supports multiple channel recording (utilising multiple Verify recording channels) and supports a range of redundancy configurations.

A Verify system can be configured as a stand-alone compliance recording system or it can be fully integrated within a Starfish advertising insertion or regional TV system.

Media retrieval, system monitoring and control is via our powerful web browser application.

Verify Compliance Recording Overview

Key Features

  • Configurable and scalable
  • Uncompressed serial digital or encoded transport stream recording
  • Supports IP and ASI inputs
  • A range of redundancy options including real-time, twin stream, comparison
  • Can be fully integrated within a Starfish regional TV/Ad insertion system
  • Record the full input stream or just the regional opt-outs/advertising breaks
  • Encoding format is flexible, typically WMV, MPEG 2 or H264
  • User friendly GUI for system monitoring
  • Runs on generic Windows server hardware


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