New Product – OTT Origin Server
New Product –  Encoded Stream Compliance Recording Systems
Multi-channel, IP input, configurable compliance recording
Open platform encoding systems
We now offer programmable +Hour time delay, decoding of SDI Teletext subtitles to DVB,  RTP/UDP streaming direct to AWS and other cloud media services, and RTMP encoded output for web streaming platforms


Founded more than ten years ago, Starfish Technologies has an excellent reputation for supplying innovative technology and systems to an impressive list of international customers.

Starfish have developed a wide range of in-house technology in the following areas; Regional programme replacement, Ad insertion, Transport stream splicing, Transport stream processing, Multi-platform delivery, Sophisticated system monitoring, Opt-out encoding and decoding (SCTE or VBI), Scheduling, Video transcoding, Audio processing, Compliance recording, Audio Description, Subtitle and Closed Caption processing, Logo insertion.

With this broad software expertise and systems design experience, Starfish is ideally suited to build and operate automated systems for media suppliers across a wide range of applications.

Headquartered in Reading, UK, Starfish Technologies is an ISO 9001 registered company.