Where can I find the installation and user manuals?

You will find all available instruction manuals in PDF form in the Documentation folder on your installer CD or distribution Zip file.

Operating Systems, “Virtual PC’s”, and other FAQ

Q: Do you still support Windows XP?
A: Whilst most software may still run on Windows XP/server 2003, we no longer support or test on those operating systems.

Q: Will my Starfish software run on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1?
A: All recent releases of currently available software will run on production versions of Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems. Whilst we recomend the 64bit versions of Windows 7/server 2008R2, anything that requires hardware interface cards should be checked via us first as sometimes 64bit drivers are not available for certain cards, or they do not support Windows 7 or 8. Full Windows 8.1/server2012R2 compatibility testing for our software is under way, but at the moment we cannot guarantee operation for all products on these operating systems. Please check with us first.

Q: Can I run Starfish software on 64bit operating systems?
A: Generally speaking, yes you can. However, all the code is 32bit so you will not gain any advantage as the software will run in 32bit compatibility mode. This means the same memory limit of 3.2GB and none of the potential acceleration that 64bit offers in some circumstances. You may also find hardware driver compatibility issues. We do not provide any guarantees of operation on 64bit platforms.

Q: Can I run Starfish software on a virtual PC running on an Apple Mac or Linux?
A: No. Virtual PC software does not generally provide the required level of operating system compatibility to graphics card calls. Although some applications may work, no warranty can be given for operation on this platform, and we cannot provide support for use in these type of installations.

Q: Can I run my Starfish software on a Microsoft virtual PC or VMWare test bed?
A: Some software will run in this mode, but the same limitations can appear as with virtual PCs on other operating systems. No warranty can be given for operation on this type of platform, and we cannot provide support for use in these type of installations.

Q: Can I use a virtual USB hub for my DK2 dongle instead of plugging it into the PC?
A: Whilst we understand from the manufacturers of the dongle that it can be achieved using certain makes of virtual USB hub that connect via IP, they do not guarantee operation with these devices. Anything that runs a DK2 networked server expects the dongle to be plugged directly into the physical PC upon which the license server is running. You cannot as far as we know run a DK2 license sever on a virtual PC successfully.