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Customers using our AD products include: Red Bee Media, Sky, Deluxe and ITFC in the U.K. ERT in Greece, Deutsche Hörfilm and Titelbild in Germany, and the Substation in Australia.

Also known as Video Description or Descriptive Video – products for creating industry standard ESEF files, producing linear BWAV audio files and 24/25 frame rate conversion.

Audio Description is an additional commentary that describes what is happening on the screen or the stage for people who have difficulty seeing the action, body language, facial expressions, costume or scenery.
Royal National Institute of the Blind – London, UK


Would you like to see and hear an example of Audio Description?

You can download an example of an Audio Description ESEF file set below


If you are searching for vocational training to learn how to Audio Describe, you can contact the Audio Description Association in the UK. Click the link below.

We offer a complete product range that will provide end-to-end Audio Description systems, ranging from a single AD authoring workstation through to managed workflow systems for broadcasters implementing automated AD transmission.

Starfish engineers have been involved with the development of AD technology since 1999.

Free ESEF File Viewer

Please note that QC functionality is limited in the freeware edition. It is included as a demonstration of the capabilities of the fully licensed version.

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